Best Budget Phone 2019: Top Cheap Smartphones Under £200

Flagship phones are more expensive than ever in 2019, but as the top-end gets better so do cheap smartphones. It’s possible to buy a mobile phone on a budget of under £200/US$200 and still get a cell phone capable of everything you throw at it.

The best budget phones are also more attractive in the long-term thanks to cheaper contract prices, though you might prefer to buy these smartphones outright and then pay only for your minutes, texts and data.

If value for money is your number-one priority, you won’t find a more useful list of budget phones available in the UK, US and elsewhere. We’ve tested, rated and ranked the best cheap phones from Nokia, Motorola, Honor and other big brands, and alongside those reviews you’ll also find our expert buying advice that can help you decide whether a particular cheap phone really is the bargain it seems.

Your buying guide to the best budget phones in 2019

In our experience the ideal way to get a cheap phone is to buy it SIM-free then grab a great-value SIM-only deal. You won’t be paying £50-odd per month for a phone for the next two years, and you can swap it for a newer model whenever you fancy it. This is especially the case for cheap Chinese phones, for which you can’t get a contract.

All the phones here cost under £200/$200, which is up to a quarter of the price you’d often pay for flagship phonestake a look at our guide to the best phones on the market for more on those high-end smartphones.

Ranked in order below are what we consider to be the best cheap phones on sale right now. We’ve based this chart on the SIM-free price as contracts change so often.

You can click on a phone in which you’re interested to read the full review, see example photos from the camera, and check out the benchmark results.

Should you buy a locked phone?

You’ll quickly find that some of the best deals on cheap phones are sold via mobile operators. What you need to watch for is whether these phones are sold locked to that operator’s network.

What about a Chinese phone?

An alternative is to buy a Chinese phoneyou’ll find some of these in our chart too. You might not have heard of the brands, and they won’t be available on the UK High Street (save for the likes of Huawei and ZTE), but Chinese phones are well-known for offering amazing specs for the money and undercutting their European rivals.

In most cases you’ll get a phone with a mid-range specification at a budget price.

Of course there are down sidesfor example, what should you do if a phone bought from China is faulty? We’ve rounded up the major pitfalls in our article on buying grey-market tech, but if you’re still interested you should see our round-up of the best Chinese phones for 2019.

What’s the best phone for a child?

If you’re looking for a budget phone for a child, look at our selection of the best kidsphones which includes some of the same phones we have here along with a few others particularly well-suited to kids.

What will you get for your money?

If you’re looking for a cheap phone, you have to accept the fact that the manufacturer is going to cut some corners to achieve that low price and you aren’t going to get the same speed, features, and display quality as you might with a phone costing two, three, or even four times the price.

It used to be the case that budget phones were instantly recognisable by their low-resolution displays, meagre storage, and chunky, plastic bodies, but things are improving in this area all the time. These days, for £200 or less it’s quite possible to buy a phone with a Full HD display and a sub 8mm-thick metal body.

Most will support 4G connectivity, but not all will support NFC (Chinese phones will often feature HotKnot which is a similar technology, but not the same as NFC.)

Best budget phone 2019

1. Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite

2. Honor 10 Lite

Honor 10 Lite

3. Motorola Moto E5

Motorola Moto E5

4. UMIDIGI One Pro


5. Huawei P Smart (2019)

Huawei P Smart (2019)

6. Moto G6 Play

Moto G6 Play

7. Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1

Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1

8. Honor 9 Lite

Honor 9 Lite

9. Nokia 5.1

Nokia 5.1

10. HTC Desire 12+

HTC Desire 12+

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