20 Darkest Celebrity Secrets Exposed


For all their millions and mansions, their fame and fortune, celebrities aren’t as lucky as they seem. This is chiefly due to the fact that even when they aren’t on the stage they are still stuck in the spotlight. The media pokes and prods at them, wheedling out their secrets and stripping them of their privacy.

In the age of the Internet and especially with social media being so prevalent in all our lives, celebrities are finding it harder and harder to hide even their best-kept secrets. Here, we’ve compiled 20 celebrities whose skeletons have been recently exposed.

Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus

Dark Celebrity Secrets Story


This secret is actually a 2-for-1. Miley Cyrus is the kind of person who wears her indiscretions on her sleeve, she even gets a tattoo of them. She doesn’t have a ton of dirty laundry though, and judging by her outfits, her laundry loads are minimal. Her dad, Billy Ray is another story, however. He allegedly had an affair with a waitress while dating Miley’s mother, resulting in a half-brother the same age as Miley.

Ryan Gosling

Dark Celebrity Secrets Story


Perhaps it’s because he’s so handsome and talented, but Ryan Gosling seems like the type of guy who must certainly have some sort of dark secret in his past. As it turns out, he doesn’t, but he does have some weird quirks like sitting while he pees, walking up stairs on hands and knees, sleeping upside down in bed and waxing his chest a couple times a month.


Dark Celebrity Secrets Story


Few people know this, but world-famous pop star Rihanna had a pretty crummy childhood. Her father was an alcoholic with a crack addiction and as such, treated her very badly. It recently came to light that he was also a philanderer and had several other children by different women around town. Rihanna is actually one of several siblings, three of which she only met of late.

Megan Fox

Dark Celebrity Secrets Story


Megan Fox may be one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood today, toe thumbs notwithstanding of course, but did you know that this pretty girl has one pretty gross flaw? It has been reported by many who know her that Megan Fox doesn’t flush the toilet after going to the bathroom. It’s not groundbreaking … but who does that?!

Ricky Gervais

Dark Celebrity Secrets Story


Today, Ricky Gervais may be the king of British sarcasm, but he wasn’t always the glib, charming comedian we know and love. In the 80s, Gervais used to be part of a New Wave electronic duo called Seona Dancing. Though he found more success writing TV shows and movies, one of his band’s songs did become an underground anthem in South East Asia.

Tim Allen

Dark Celebrity Secrets Story

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Home Improvement star Tim Allen is a man who has been in and out of the news for a number of years. Most of this was due to his various, successful sitcoms but back in the early days of the actor’s career, it was due chiefly to his various misdeeds. In the late 70’s, Allen was busted for trying to smuggle a pound and a half of cocaine and spent three years in prison.

Oprah Winfrey

Dark Celebrity Secrets Story


Oprah’s famous rags-to-riches story is well-known. It’s one that she’s told more than a couple times in her several decades of broadcasting, but what many people don’t know of the story has been carefully omitted. You see, Oprah gave birth to a child at the tender age of 14, though sadly the baby did not survive.

Jack Nicholson

Dark Celebrity Secrets Story


Jack Nicholson is known far and wide for his various eccentricities, so it’s no wonder he was tapped to play a psychopathic crime boss at least twice. His secret, however, involves his family and his older sister who died at 26. When Nicholson was 37, he learned that this poor older sister was not his sister at all, but actually his mother.


Dark Celebrity Secrets Story


Despite the thug-like persona that Jay-Z tried to cultivate in the early days of his career, it’s not like he’s ever actually shot a person. Oh, wait, yes he did. When Jay-Z was 12, he pulled the trigger on his crack-addicted brother for stealing his ring. The brother survived though and realized the error of his ways soon after. So all’s well that ends well.

Cameron Diaz

Dark Celebrity Secrets Story


Every Hollywood actor and actress has to start somewhere before they make it big. Some of them work as waiters, act in commercials, and others, like Hollywood hottie Cameron Diaz, tried their hand at soft-core porn. Cameron had tried to keep the secret buried for years, but if one looks hard enough, they can find a video of the then 19-year-old spanking someone in skintight latex.

Shania Twain

Dark Celebrity Secrets Story


Like Rihanna and Oprah, Shania Twain had a rough childhood marked by poverty. After her first few years of success, however, Shania’s life had its share of tragedy and triumph. Her husband divorced her and ended up with her best friend, then Shania wound up marrying her ex-husband’s and ex-best friend’s ex-husband.

Woody Harrelson

Dark Celebrity Secrets Story


Woody Harrelson is an incredible actor and by many accounts, a pretty stand up guy. What most people don’t know is that Woody’s family has one black sheep among them. Woody’s father was a professional assassin who eventually went to prison for performing a hit on U.S. District Judge John H. Wood.

Matthew Broderick

Dark Celebrity Secrets Story


Matthew Broderick is a fairly unassuming man, short of stature and soft-spoken. He’s also a man who caused a head-on collision that ended up killing two people: a mother and daughter. He swears he doesn’t remember how his car ended up in the wrong lane, though, and ultimately ended up with a mere $175 fine.

Charlize Theron

Dark Celebrity Secrets Story


Charlize Theron is a woman who has gone to great lengths during her acting career in order to play a part. She has pushed herself physically by doing her own stunts and mentally by playing a murderess. This toughness may be due to the fact that she lived with an abusive father in South Africa – a father who was ultimately killed by her mother in self-defense.

Joaquin Phoenix

Dark Celebrity Secrets Story


Actor Joaquin Phoenix, who once starred in a movie about cult brainwashing, used to be a member of the 1970s Children of God cult, and so were the rest of his family. The cult bashed the Bible and had an agenda of “free love” brainwashing, to mention just a few of their questionable practices. Luckily, Joaquin and his family got out when they could.

Daniel Radcliffe

Dark Celebrity Secrets Story


Harry Potter icon Daniel Radcliffe is not the innocent young man he portrays in his movies. He also happens to be a closet alcoholic. He was actually able to keep the secret for a long while until he decided to come clean with himself about his addiction. He admitted that he had started it as a means of fitting in when he first came of age in Hollywood.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dark Celebrity Secrets Story


It’s hard to keep secrets when you live in Hollywood and even harder if you end up in politics. Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is a man who has done both. It recently came to light that Arnold had a close-to-two-decades-long affair with his housekeeper and that he had an illegitimate teenage son with her.

Mariah Carey

Dark Celebrity Secrets Story


Those in Hollywood are no strangers to substance abuse. This type of dependence on drugs, alcohol, and medication has claimed many lives but just as many reputations. Take songstress Mariah Carey, who reportedly drinks so much and so frequently that her hair and makeup people sometimes must do their work while she’s passed out.

Leighton Meester

Dark Celebrity Secrets Story


Leighton Meester, the original Gossip Girl, should be no stranger to celebrity secrets. Especially since she has some of her own. Take for instance her criminal mom, who was busted while trying to smuggle more than 100 pounds of marijuana into the U.S. This was a while ago of course, when she was pregnant with Leighton, but a record is a record.

Tobey Maguire

Dark Celebrity Secrets Story


Tobey Maguire may have played a hero like Spider-Man, but apparently, his father is more like the Looter than anyone else. He became a criminal for the right reasons, of course, wanting to take care of his family, but in robbing a bank, he made the biggest mistake of his life. He had no gun, no disguise, and no getaway car, and because of his desperate foolishness, ended up in jail for two years.


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