Brooklyn Mother Fights for Justice for Her Son After Tragic Case of Mistaken Identity

There’s almost never a good reason to settle a personal dispute with violence. We live in a society where there’s always a better way to deal with our problems without having to resort to hurting another person.

But still, our violent tendencies tragically persist. And when there is senseless violence, it’s even more heartbreaking when a victim is completely innocent. It’s a lesson one woman would learn firsthand in the most painful way.


Genesis Wilson Story

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Genesis was an 18-year-old boy defined by his passions. He was a video game enthusiast, earning him the nickname “Sega,” a play on the Sega Genesis console that rivaled the Nintendo in the 90s which he happened to share names with. But gaming was only one of his wide-ranging interests.

Other Interests

Genesis Wilson Story

Genesis liked to dance and cook, and was very active in sports, playing for basketball, soccer, and football teams. It’s not hard to imagine that he was the kind of person with a vibrant social life as well. Popular among his teammates and peers, he even had a steady girlfriend for two years.

Future Career

Genesis Wilson Story

But one thing that appealed to Genesis above all of his other hobbies was his dream to become a veterinarian. “He loved animals,” said his mother Paula. “He used to bring home stray cats and dogs all the time.”

On My Way

Genesis Wilson Story

Just a few months away from graduating high school, Genesis had plans to make that dream a reality. Also having just earned his driver’s license, Genesis was just on the cusp of truly leaving childhood and becoming an adult.

Still a Kid

Genesis Wilson Story

But at the moment, it was not yet time to completely do away with childish things. On a Friday toward the end of May, Genesis was hanging out at a friend’s house. He’d talked with his mother about spending the night and the two kids got down to the very serious business of playing video games.

Trouble Around the Corner

Genesis Wilson Story

After playing games for a while in his friend’s bedroom, Genesis’ friend stepped out for a minute, leaving him to mess around on his phone for a little while. Unknown to him, something terrible was about to happen.


Genesis Wilson Story

As he peered into his phone screen, three men wearing dark hoodies and masks over their faces were coming around the side of the house, looking in the windows. When they got to the window of Genesis’ friend’s bedroom, they saw him sitting there, his back turned.

Cowardly Attack

Genesis Wilson Story

Genesis never had any idea that, as he was looking at his phone, one of the men was raising a firearm, taking aim at him. The gunman fired, striking Genesis in the back of his head. Wounded horribly, it seemed as if the bright future that was laid out for the young man was snuffed out in an instant.

What Happened Next?

Genesis Wilson Story

As she raced to the hospital, Genesis’ mother Paula was initially angry with her son. That’s because she thought he’d put himself in a situation where he could be hurt. But her anger softened when she got to the hospital and learned the reason for the attack.

Wrong Guy

Genesis Wilson Story

Apparently, Genesis was never the intended target of the three masked killers. Instead, they’d been trying to kill the friend whose house Genesis was staying in. Seeing the unfortunate teenager only from behind, they simply assumed they had the right guy for the cowardly attack.

Stupid Dispute

Genesis Wilson Story

The whole thing apparently boiled down to some kind of dispute between Genesis’ friend and a girl who may have been his girlfriend, according to Paula. They had been arguing on the phone and in their heated argument, the girl had reportedly said, “I’m going to send people over to your house right now.”

Pointless End

Genesis Wilson Story

She’d made good on that threat of senseless violence, made doubly foolish by the killers bungling their target. It would prove to be a mortal mistake when Genesis died in the hospital the next day.


Genesis Wilson Story

“My heart is already broken,” Paula said. “This broke me in the worst way, because it had nothing to do with him and they know it had nothing to do with him.” Genesis was a good kid with no enemies who “doesn’t get involved with stuff like that.”

No Leads

Genesis Wilson Story

Despite Paula and police investigators knowing that Genesis wasn’t the intended target of the shooting, they couldn’t get any useful information on the killers or the girl who had apparently ordered the attack.


Genesis Wilson Story

That’s because Genesis’ “friend” and anyone else who might have information on the suspects’ identities weren’t saying anything. Perhaps they feared reprisal or they simply didn’t want to be thought of as a “snitch,” but whatever the reason, they were standing between a bereaved mother and justice for her murdered son.

Please Help

Genesis Wilson Story

Paula did whatever she could to find out who was responsible for the attack. She put out flyers around a memorial erected for her son and around the neighborhood. She also took to social media such as Facebook, imploring anyone with information to come forward.


Genesis Wilson Story

But in the months that followed, no one came forward and the police investigation uncovered no new information. The search for Genesis’ killers would continue, but the cooperation of Genesis’ friend or any other witness, would probably never come to a useful conclusion.

Not on My Worst Enemy

Genesis Wilson Story

“I would never, ever wish this pain on anyone. It’s heart-wrenching,” Paula said. “Do you know the agony and the pain I go through daily — knowing they are walking around freely and my child is not here?”

One Question

Genesis Wilson Story

When asked in a television interview if she had a message for the killers, Paula said, “I’m never going to see my son again because of what you thought. It doesn’t even matter why. I don’t care about the why. I just want to know who do you think you are?”

Final Words

Genesis Wilson Story

Without justice, Paula was left only with her grief and the memories of her son. The last time they spoke, Paula said to him “I love you.” Genesis replied, “I love you more.”

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