Heroic Nanny Saves Child’s Life, But With A Large Cost


When someone hears “hero,” they usually think of large, buff superheroes in shiny capes. But nobody needs superpowers to be a hero. Everyone has the chance of being a hero when life gives them a test that involves their fight or flight response. With enough compassion, faith, and humanity, anyone can be capable of being a hero.

In the captivating story of a couple who wants nothing but the best for their child, a nanny steps up from the crowd and raises the bar to unimaginable levels.

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The Start Of A Family

Caroline Maurer Story


A happy couple from California gave birth to a young boy that they loved unconditionally. Their entire world revolved around their child, Fox. They wanted to give him the best life with the best family, the best education, and the best experience. But there’s an issue: they were first time parents, and didn’t know where to start.

Money Is A Priority

Caroline Maurer Story

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The parents knew that they would need to obtain financial security to give their son a comfortable and healthy lifestyle. In a rough job market and spiraling economy, it had been stressful finding work. Then, they asked themselves an important question: how would we take care of Fox?

Busy Work

Caroline Maurer Story


They desperately needed to make money, but also searched for jobs that didn’t demand too much time from their son. They tried to find a way to spend quality time with their son while doing their work. None of these attempts were successful. They dreaded it, but knew the fact that they had to be separated from him in order to give him the life he deserved…

A New Caretaker

Caroline Maurer Story


The parents, after searching desperately through all other possible routes, have decided to hire a nanny. But this role is important; whoever they hire will serve as a third parent, raising Fox whenever his parents can’t. They’re not just going to give this job out for anyone who wants money. It’s a dangerous world out there, and in it, they needed to find a glorious soul that would be bright enough to raise Fox the right way while they’re gone.

Search For The Nanny

Caroline Maurer Story


Whenever the parents weren’t working, they would either be taking care of Fox or searching for numerous people on pages from various sites, for the perfect nanny. They worked through the countless headaches from keeping their eyes glued to the screen for hours, thoroughly checking each candidate to see if they were fit or not. After the hours of searching, they finally found their nanny.

Did They Strike A Gold Mine?

Caroline Maurer Story


Her name is Caroline Maurer. Her eligibility came from the fact that she was a well-respected student with straight A’s, competitive classes, and a particular eye-opening fact that she started taking care of children when she was merely seven years old. This seemed too good to be true for the parents; regardless, they decided to test out whether or not she was as ideal as her profile suggested…


Caroline Maurer Story


It was the first day that the Davis parents and Fox met Caroline. Safe to say, she blew them away. She was astonishingly nice to Fox, even when he misbehaved. She would feed him, and make sure he finished his food down to the last bite. And it was natural to her. Courtney, Fox’s mother, said, “I would always say she’s better than we are. We were first-time parents and we learned so much from her. Truly I felt we lucked out.”

A Beautiful Relationship

Caroline Maurer Story


Fox and Caroline have had a lot of time to connect. From Fox being only 4 months old to 2 years old in the present time, Caroline has worked diligently to make sure Fox has the best time possible. Unfortunately, her work was put to a halt when she was forced to make a decision in a life or death situation.

Traversing The Night

Caroline Maurer Story


The incident started one night when Caroline took Fox out for a walk. They wandered the neighborhood, enjoying the large view of the stars scattered across the night sky. They were completely oblivious to the threat that was approaching quickly…

Oncoming Threat

Caroline Maurer Story


After cautiously looking at both sides of the street, Caroline traversed the crosswalk with Fox in his stroller. Sadly, this cautiousness that Caroline demonstrated wasn’t enough to prepare her and Fox for the reckless driver that turned the corner, speeding toward them.

Drunk Or Out For Blood?

Caroline Maurer Story


The sound of the wheels skidding uncontrollably on the road and the growing brightness of the high beams were more than enough of a signal for Caroline and Fox to inform them of the grave danger they were in. At this point, Caroline was the only one in control of the situation. What was she going to do?

The Biggest Decision Of Her Life

Caroline Maurer Story


In this moment, thoughts and scenarios ran through Caroline’s mind faster than what she thought was originally possible. She was afraid for her own life, but even more afraid for Fox, since he was buckled and trapped in his stroller. She believed that Fox’s life was a higher priority than her own, which drove her to do something braver than what many others would do…

Was It The Right Choice?

Caroline Maurer Story


Caroline used all of the strength she could muster to push Fox’s stroller out of the car’s path and used her vocal cords to their limit to scream at the driver to stop. Although her shrieks pierced the air of the neighborhood, the car wasn’t stopping. She saw her life flash before her eyes, seeing images of her supportive parents, her caring friends, and the many memorable experiences she had with them. She wasn’t ready to let go of all of that yet…


Caroline Maurer Story


With one last effort, Caroline tried to save hers and Fox’s lives by putting her hands up and using the rest of her remaining energy to push as hard as she could on the vehicle. Unfortunately, the momentum was too much to bear. While she did stop the car from going any further, the impact launched her a few feet back. The pain she felt from her hands was unbearable; even so, she still had to make sure Fox was okay…

Inflicting Trauma

Caroline Maurer Story

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She looked up to see Fox in his stroller, miraculously unscathed. Still, when he saw his nanny the way she was at that moment, he lost it. He was sobbing uncontrollably, saying “Caroline I love you!” repeatedly. But he was still stuck buckled in his stroller, and Caroline couldn’t do anything about it with her hands rendered unusable. The fact that she wasn’t able to save him while he was crying out for her shattered her heart. Thankfully, there was help from another source…

The Hero Nanny

Caroline Maurer Story


The paramedics arrived, along with Fox’s parents, immediately after hearing what happened. When they arrived on the scene, they saw that their son was completely fine, aside from the seemingly endless sobbing from the traumatic experience. Then, they looked to see where Caroline was. They looked inside the ambulance truck to see her scratched, bruised, and bloody, all over her body, especially on her arms and hands. One of the paramedics told Fox’s father that she saved Fox’s life. On that night, Caroline was declared a hero.

How Is Caroline?

Caroline Maurer Story

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Caroline was found to have fractured bones in her hands, wrists, and arms. Her entire body was also extremely scratched and bruised, and her hands are now completely unusable. They no longer have the grip and strength that they had before the incident. Even so, Caroline doesn’t regret the decision she made. In her mind, her hands were an easy price for the preservation of Fox’s life.

Grateful Parents

Caroline Maurer Story

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The parents were in tears and overcome with guilt. Even though their son’s life was saved, Caroline was no longer in the condition to be a nanny, nor a learning student. Her work and studies are paused indefinitely, as she isn’t sure if her hands will ever be normal again. Whether or not her hands will ever regain their mobility, Fox’s parents are assisting Caroline as much as they can.

Permanently Injured… Probably

Caroline Maurer Story

Courtney Davis / YouTube

Caroline is still in physical therapy, but due to the severity of the injuries, she may never have full strength in her hands again. She has also continued to struggle with dizziness and recently underwent an MRI to determine if she sustained head trauma that was overlooked in the initial assessment of her injuries. Caroline is hoping to get at least 80% mobility back into her hands. But as of now, that progress is sadly not even close.

Open For Help

Caroline Maurer Story


If you would like to help this hero get back into her old life, you can donate for her cause.  As of now, she is nearing her goal, having $47k of $50k to cover the medical treatments needed for her to be on the journey of getting her hands’ mobility back. You can donate at https://www.youcaring.com/carolinemaurer-963628.


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